Why have a Hair Analysis?

Originally our food was our medicine; during those years the practice of naturopathy consisted of helping people to achieve optimum health through their diet, adding supportive nutrients and herbs to achieve sound health.

Over recent years our food and the environment has become more polluted, creating more complex health issues as we digest and absorb a wider range of chemicals into our diet. For many these added chemicals and toxins are creating underlying allergic reactions, which is hard to pinpoint. Allergic reactions to items such as food colouring, additives, food preservatives, gluten, sugar substitutes, fluoride and food crop sprays have become far more common.

Then there are the increasing amount of environmental toxins that we are absorbing from household cleaners, cosmetic chemicals, drugs, beauty products, plastics and radiation, paints, industrial pollutants, pesticides and insecticides, from parasites to pharmaceutical products with known side-effects, plus other pollutants.

Add to that hereditary factors and you can have a biological time bomb, therefore health treatments have become more complex because of these pervading pollutants and toxins. Even though people are eating healthier, exercising more, having treatments and becoming more conscious of eating and living more holistically, underlying health issues still prevail.

You can check for any of these pervading elements though a hair analysis and find solutions. For instance are parasites and/or food sprays causing tiredness, digestive disorders, headaches? Perhaps herbicides are contributing to your depression, toxins to your aches and pains, etc? Find out through a hair analysis.

Dr Janice-Ann Priest
Kn. NC. Cert. Reflex. D.Sc. MHD.

Master Degree Herbalist

Registered Chartered Natural
Health Practitioner

Member of SNTR


Director of Herbal Ltd & Healthy Options Ltd

How does the process work?

Hair Analysis Report

With this naturopathic hair analysis comes a confidential report of identifying common pollutants and toxins, nutrient deficiencies, organ energy, viruses, common parasites and any underlying infections, etc.

Along with identifying these allergens comes a list of naturopathic, nutrient and homeopathic solutions, plus a list of common foods that you may be allergic or sensitive to. Combined with the written health guidance, a hair analysis provides an explanation on how to improve your health and well-being.

Follow these steps…

How to choose…

Choose either the entry level or the comprehensive hair analysis report below and complete the order process. Post a snip of your hair along with a recent photograph and include a list of any existing health issues you may have.

Include in your order for reference purposes, your name, date of birth and return address and we will perform your hair analysis and send your completed report to the return address you provide. If you choose the optional follow-up 30 minute phone consultation you can call and discuss your analysis and Janice will answer any questions you might have.

How long will the report take?

The hair analysis generally takes around two weeks to process plus delivery time unless more complex issues arise with your analysis. It is therefore essential to leave your phone or email contact.

During public holidays please allow more time.

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  • Hair Analysis
    This entry level naturopathic hair analysis is a confidential 6 page report that covers disruptive environmental elements that can be affecting your health and well-being Areas like common pollutants and chemicals, food additives, toxins, organ energy, nutrient deficiency, parasites or a combination of all of the above Also in the analysis report will be nutritional, herbal and homeopathic recommendations along with guidance to support your well-being journey When you purchase your analysis, a form then becomes available to fill in and send For direct food allergies, please refer to the Comprehensive Hair Analysis option
    $99 NZD
  • Hair Analysis, Plus Follow-Up Phone Consultation
    This opportunity to chat can arise with the range of natural health recommendations in the entry level analysis The 30 minute follow-up phone appointment is to answer those questions, and in particular to discuss how you are faring with the changes being made as you follow the steps in the report Generally, the follow-up period is 3-4 weeks after the program starts This way we can ascertain what needs adjusting, if anything, so book and make an appointment for the follow-up chat when you are ready
    $135 NZD
  • Comprehensive Hair Analysis
    The comprehensive hair analysis 8 page report takes a step further from the first level to cover not only the common aspect of disruptive elements that can be affecting your health, but also to identify your constitutional remedy This report helps to identify the causative factor when common evasive toxins, sprays, chemical elements, food substances that can be creating health disorders, along with listing nutrient deficiencies and dietary allergies The addition of a food chart is to identify food allergies and included food guidelines adds to this more extensive analysis report, along with a two page naturopathic summary This is an ideal analysis for those investigating possible food disorders
    $135 NZD
  • Comprehensive Hair Analysis, Plus Follow-Up Phone Consultation
    In many cases there can be questions over the range of natural health recommendations in the analysis report The follow-up phone appointment is to answer those questions, and in particular to discuss how you are faring with the many changes being made as you follow the steps in the comprehensive report Generally, the follow-up period is 3-4 weeks after the program starts, but if you have any questions feel free to book your 30 minute appointment by phone when you need to
    $170 NZD
  • Hair Analysis Gift Voucher
    Gift vouchers are ideal for birthdays and celebrations In this case, you are granting somebody the opportunity to review their health and well-being, especially when it may not be possible for them to do so Also, a gift voucher is a gentle prompt for someone whose health you are concerned about
    $99$170 NZD

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