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After assessing a range of hair analysis equipment, most were found to just cover nutritional aspects, whereas there is more involved when assessing an overall health analysis for clients. This more complex hair analysis summary involves Chinese diagnostic techniques, Radionics and Quantum Theratest results, along with other such modalities that have been combined to present a more complex summary specifically by Herbal Ltd director, Dr Janice-Ann Priest. Janice Priest is a registered, chartered natural health practitioner, an experienced clinical consultant of over 40 years in all areas of nutritional, herbal and natural healthcare, an ex-nurse and lecturer in a wide range of natural healthcare and holistic modalities.

Janice Priest is also an author and past publisher of Healthy Options and Rainbownews magazines for 27 years. Director of Healthy Options Ltd, Herbal Ltd and Herbal Education Resources Centre.

More background information on Janice can be found here.

Commonly Asked Questions

How big does the hair snip need to be?

About the size of a fingernail snip is sufficient or 2-3 bigger strands.

Is it okay if my hair is dyed or coloured?

The colour check comes up and makes no difference to the final results.

My husband is bald, where can we snip hair from?

Snip from the armpit or chest hair is the next choice.

Does the photo required need to be a full body shot?

Not necessarily as a head and shoulder is sufficient for the Chinese diagnostic system to work.
However, the more body shape shows, the better, plus the photo is returned with the report.

I want to order a hair analysis for my daughter. Does the photo required need to be a full body shot?

Yes you can, but you can only order the analysis with her permission adding her return address, for privacy reasons.